Square Tug

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You'll love adding our square Tug to your play time collection. This tug was created with a beautiful and strong French Linen material. It is designed with one handle to give your dog a clear target on the desired bite area, which makes play time easier. The non slip handle is made with a durable and easy to clean, high quality Biothane material that you'll be sure to appreciate.


Dimensions: Square Tug 3 1/2" x 3 1/2", Handle 7 1/2" Loop

* Handles and leash attachments are not designed for bites. Make sure your dog is only biting the Barrel Tug, NOT THE HANDLES.

* Do not leave your dog with the bite tug unattended. The Barrel Tug is not a chewing toy, but rather meant for handler/ dog tug play. 

* ALL SALES ARE FINAL on all Undrdog Bite/ tug Equipment.